Made in Brooklyn. Late 70s.

College days in gorges Ithaca. Adult life in NYC & Bay Area.
I live near Berkeley now. It’s like Ithaca but warmer, more expensive, and sits on a faultline.

I’ve been trading options for 21 years to make a living. It’s a humbling thing to do, since you get to find out you are wrong about stuff all the time. The lessons from that likely come to bear on at least the practical topics I try to cover on this site.

The guiding principle here is to be useful. By writing here I’m forced to clarify my thinking. By trying to be useful I help myself too. That model scales well. It’s better than a free lunch — it’s cash back.

On a personal note, I have a wife who I try to deserve and 2 sons who I am consciously trying to not screw up by overcompensating for my own shortcomings.

Reach out. Ask questions. Say hi.

Kris Abdelmessih