I use the PlayerFm app to manage my podcast playlists. It’s easy to organize, it’s free, and most importantly it lets you listen to podcasts at 2x speed (though my default is 1.5x).

Can’t Miss

  • Invest Like the Best with Patrick O’ Shaughnessy. This is the best business podcast out there. Patrick has quipped that he should call this show “This is what you’re up against” because the guests are so sharp, hungry, and innovative. Patrick embodies all of these qualities himself and his thoughtful interview style and guest roster has attracted a bright community which has to be checked out to fully appreciate.
  • The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish. This is a great interview style podcast for trying to level up your thinking. From business leaders to academics to artists, Shane is able to distill lessons and drill down into his guests’ techniques for levelling up. Shane himself is insanely well read and a great host for such a wide-reaching guest roll.

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