Productivity Apps

Productivity Apps

  • Notion : I stack this with Google Calendar to manage note-taking and organizing tasks across personal and professional objectives
  • Listnote Pro: Dictate your notes
  • Otter.AI: Transcription app. Great for capturing conversations
  • Google Lens: Translate text or copy text visible in a photo to your clipboard.
  • TaskRabbit: Find people to help you get things done
  • Liner: Highlight what you read online and save them to the cloud
  • IFTTT: ‘If This Then That’ lets you script integrations between hundreds of connected apps. Lots of canned recipes ordered by popularity.

Chrome Browser Extensions

  • SessionBuddy: A history of where and when your browser tabs were open. Easy to restore to a previous session. If you keep many tabs open (who doesn’t) this will save you a headache
  • LastPass: password manager. Not sure how you are living without one. Convenient and an extra layer of security
  • Grammarly: Spell and grammar check in realtime
  • Toby: Chrome extension to manage tabs. I like it for commonly visited pages instead of bookmarks
  • Ebates: get cash back at almost any site you buy from that’s not Amazon
  • Keepa  or Camelizer: And for the stuff you buy on Amazon know the price history so you don’t get gamed by the bots
  • Enhanced History: Fuller browser history extension
  • Google Dictionary: View definitions as you browse


  • Tweetdeck: Column based Twitter dashboard allowing you to maintain hashtag searches and display parallel lists. If you use Twitter on a desktop, this tool is life-changing
  • Feedly: Manage RSS subscriptions
  • Overdrive and Libby apps: access some of your local library titles digitally

Habit Building

Web Messaging


  • Amazing Slow Downer: Slow and speed music tracks. Loop sections, save and export snips at the speeds you want. The feature that sets this app apart: This works on your Spotify playlists! The app I’m happiest to pay for
  • Amplitube: Buy a mobile interface and you can plug right into your phone and access a wide range of effects and amps. You can output the signal to headphones or speakers
  • Audio Evolution: An inexpensive multi-track DAW for your mobile device

Apps I’m Trialing

  • TillerHQ: Pull financial account data into Google Sheets. This will be more useful when they can fetch holdings level data, not just account level.
  • Sortd: Gmail inbox organizer
  • WhatFont: Identify the font of the text you click on