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10/24/2021: Review Of Book Reviews, Financial Statements For A Kid, Sheng Wang

10/17/2021: A Quick Hop From Note-Taking To Writing Online, Widowmakers, A Cleaner Dashboard

10/10/2021: Monty Hall Is More Than A Game, Portfolio Theory Tells Us To Have Hobbies

10/03/2021: Teach A Math Idea To Internlize It, Poker Is A Bad Analogy For Investing

09/26/2021: On Self-Renewal, Reader Story About The Grind Of Trading, “Friendcatcher”

09/19/2021: Channeling Motivation, Assorted Real Estate Thoughts

09/12/2021: Back In The Saddle After 2 Months Off

07/11/2021: Inspiring Jaws, SuperMugatu with Lindzon, Bits of DFW

06/27/2021: Follow Up To “The R Word”, Not Getting Screwed On Comp, Disneyworld Tips

06/20/2021: The “R” Word

06/13/2021: The Option Cage, Investing Books For A Teenager

06/06/2021: Mindset Boosters, Option Lenses, Smartless

05/30/2021: Talking To Diamond Hands, On #Voltwit Melees, Meet Tina Lindstrom, “Murph”

05/23/2021: I Misapplied My Trading Mindset, Why Investing Feels Like Astrology

05/16/2021: Interviewing Candidates, An Interview With An Independent Option Trader, Hunter S At The Derby

05/09/2021: Thinking About Doing, Understanding Vega Risk, Pirates Arb BTC, Mother’s Day

05/02/2021: You Are Not A Profile Bio, A Quick Thought On Hedging Tail Options, Moontower Index Of Influential Posts

04/25/2021: The Energy To Stay Unique, Shorting In The Time Of ShitCos, Rock-Skipping & Schitt

04/18/2021: Understanding Edge, Real Talk On Options Trading, Insights From Not Boring’s Hypergrowth

04/11/2021: Twitter Reminds Me Of The Trading Pits, On Delta Hedging

04/04/2021: Berksons Paradox, SIG’s Focus on Option Theory and Decisions, Interview Questions

03/28/2021: Cultural Flashback, Crowdsourced Personal Finance

03/21/2021: Seeing Sociopaths, Directional Edge Vs Carry, Digital Learning, My Favorite St. Paddys

03/14/2021: 100th Moontower, How Much Is “Rich”?, Social Media Guidelines

03/07/2021: Wealth Tax Meta, Directional Option Trades, Shannon Hoon, The Market Maker’s Life Video

02/28/2021: Reading Over A Smart Guy’s Shoulder, Moontower Volatility Wiki

02/21/2021: ERCOT Island, A Market Maker Perception Of PFOF, Dicey For Brisket

02/14/2021: Progressive Bikeshedding, Microstructure Links, V-Day Reminds Me Of Stupid Times

02/07/2021: Sparking An Interest In Coding, How Options Confuse Directional Traders

01/31/2021: Slatestarcodex is Back, Riffing on WSB

01/24/2021: Acceptance Parenting, Riffs on Leitner’s Upside Digitals, Artistic Writing

01/17/2021: It’s Good To Be Rich: Pandemic Edition, Social Harmony As Collateral, Tech Bubble Insights

01/10/2021: Andreessen on Education, Prices Are More Than Expectations, Break Your Brain

01/03/2021: Goal: Not Lose To a Kid, @10kdiver, Favorite Podcast of 2020

12/13/2020: ‘Deserve’ Makes My Skin Crawl, Gift Guide, 2020 Writing Recap

12/06/2020: My Trigger Word, Measurement Not Prediction, Spotify Wrapped

11/29/2020: YIMBY Paradox, Options Textbook Rec, More Math and Chess Links

11/22/2020: Let Chess Help Kids, Vol Premia Justification, Sources to Teach Kids Math

11/15/2020: Love/Hate CA, ‘Volatility Is A Risk’ Strawman, Decomplicate

11/01/2020: Working For Free, Covid + Real Estate, The Meme Costume

10/25/2020: Snowflakes vs Lemmings, What’s Liquidity Worth?, Save Connor

10/18/2020: Hacker Humor, DFW Humor, How Compounding Alters Path, Fun Stuff To Teach Kids

10/11/2020: EVH Forever, Macro From 1st Principles, Pseudoscience Markets via XKCD

10/4/2020: Ideology Sounds Like Idiocy, Scratch Jr, Grooving For 11 Years

09/27/2020: Are You Sure You Know How To Compare Home Prices?, $ Saved > $ Earned, Pink Floyd & Slash

09/20/2020: Resisting Arguments, Doubling Down On Wrong Beliefs, The Cure For Magical Thinking

09/13/2020: If Trump Liked Masks, Adopting Beliefs, This Is Fine

09/06/2020: Literary Version Of A Chart Crime, Reserve Currency As A Dutch Disease

08/30/2020: Chart Crimes, Straddles Vs Volatility, T’Challa Is A Real Leader

08/23/2020: Homeschooling Starter, The 2016 Binary Trump Straddle, Channeling Greg Giraldo

8/16/2020: We Don’t Need No Education, Helping Beirut

8/9/2020: Gap Year & Signaling Value, Marketing Yourself, Camp ZoMaZaMa

8/2/2020: Video Game Veto, A Newsletter Living, Bay Area Quick Trips

7/26/2020: Welcome To The Machine, Positional Scarcity, Excel Love

07/19/2020: In Defense Of Self-Help, You Don’t See The Whole Picture, DCF As A Lower Bound

07/12/2020: Summer Birthdays, Real Market Vs Stock Market, Pink Floyd Meditation

07/05/2020: We Are All Relative Value Traders, The Diversification Imperative, Codenames Telepathy

06/28/2020: Thinking Like A Trader, Take Good Notes, A Drink For “No Soul” Simmons

06/21/2020: The Antidote To Abstraction: Show Up

06/14/2020: Trevor and Chappelle, Combination Math, Option Education, Hertz Roulette, Genius Square

06/07/2020: Part Of The Solution, Lessons From The .50 Delta Option

05/31/2020: Preserving Habits From COVID, The “No Easy Trades Principle”, School’s Out

05/24/2020: WFH: Be Excited Without Being A Sucker, Deux Ex Machina, Felder Makes It Count

05/17/2020: For My Cancelled Reunion, Geo-arbitrage, Thoughts on Monopoly As A Teaching Tool

05/10/2020: Wooderson’s Commencement Speech, Shorting Bimodal Stocks, For Mother

05/03/2020: When Smart People Have Bad Ideas, Money From First Principles, It’s Hard To Hedge Inflation

04/26/2020: When Equality Is Cruel, Negative Prices Make Sense, Self-Doubt, Gratitude/Honesty Hacks

04/19/2020: WFH Guilt, Moontower Money Wiki, Lessons from Kathleen Mercury, Bikes and Potty Training

4/12/2020: Pulling Earnings From The Distant Future, Moontower Retirement Model, The Ibis

4/5/2020: Borders Are Subjective, Is Volatility Risk?, Mountain Time

3/29/2020: 21st Century Cover Letter, The Seppuku Portfolio, Zoom Culture

3/22/2020: Build Your Own Cabinet, Should You Buy Stocks Now?, Innumeracy

3/15/2020: Stop Introspecting and Move, Distance Learning Links, Rad Reads Testimonial

3/8/2020: A Virus of Cognitive Errors, A Recipe For Overpaying, Do Books “Work”?, A Canine Uprising

2/29/2020: Dinosaur Markets, COVID-19 and Markets, Housel’s 100 Ideas, Meb Faber’s Investing Pyramid

2/23/2020: My Career Origin Story, Professional Investors Misunderstand Fees, The Egg, Subculture Envy

2/16/2020: “Avoid Boring People…Really?”, Multi-Armed Bandits, A Simple Rule for Giving

2/9/2020: Tails Explained, How Tails Constrain Your Investments, Books That Influenced Me

2/2/2020: On Grit, Market Mutations, Negotiating Pay, “Sportsball”

1/26/2020: Doctors For Fasting, Sacrifice To The Delta Gods, 60s Nostalgia

1/19/2019: A Note From The ER, Investing is Biology Not Physics, Concussions and Santa Claus Amnesia

1/12/2020: How You Say > What You Say, Links to Learn Finance, Interest for 2020

1/5/2020: Illusions & Empathy, The Hackabalilty of Perception, History of the Retirement Age, Negative Self-Help

12/15/2019: Facing A New Decade, There Is No Equity Risk Premium Puzzle, How’s Moontower Doing, Music Appreciation Channels

12/8/2019: Littlewood’s Law in Media, Fave Finance Blogs I Found in 2019, Moontower Top Posts in 2019

12/1/2019: Moontower Gift Guide, Your Portfolio Intuition Sucks, Dining Recs From 2019

11/24/2019: Self-Made Kylie, Income Equality Myths, Simpson’s Paradox, Thanksgiving

11/17/2019: Optimize Your Reading, Investing Books from the Pros, Reading Tools and Lists Galore

11/10/2019: The Antisocial Advantage, Disagreeable Investors, Be Wary of Good Ideas

11/03/2019: The Homeownership Fetish, 150 Years of Asset Returns, He Hates Coffee

10/27/2019: SF as a Failed State, Economic Novels, Meta About Friends, Fake Pacman

10/20/2019: Bribing Your Principles, Corporate Morality, Your ‘Fair Share’?

10/13/2019: The Volatility Drain, Percents Are Tricky, Interview Your Advisor

10/06/2019: Upside of Overvaluation, WeWork Was Inevitable, JetSuite Rocks

09/29/2019: Equality vs Meritocracy, The Zeroth Commandment, Kyoto Guide

09/22/2019: Encouraging Kids to Read, Artisanal Social Media, Japanese Sake

09/15/2019: Advice for Younger Friend, When Finance Feels Lame, Seeing Sumo Live

09/09/2019: ‘Just World’ Delusion, Power Not Contracts, Japan Itinerary

09/02/2019: Memories as a Unit of Time, A New X-Axis, Anonymous Giving

08/25/2019: Your Money Says Too Much About You, Ramit Sethi’s best insights

08/18/2019: Dazed & Confused vs Saved By The Bell, HS Advice, “It’s a dry heat”

08/11/2019: Deceiving our Kids, Homeschooling, My “Number Neighbor”

08/05/2019: Negative Energy in Astronomy and Daily Life, On Spain, Mendocino

07/28/2019: A Mindset for Quantum Leaps, David Epstein, The Sunset Strip

07/21/2019: A Surprising Google Search, Loneliness, Twitter Friends

07/14/2019: Talented Consumers, Steal Like an Artist, Summer Links

07/07/2019: Earthquakes, an Evolution Boardgame, Palm Springs Vacation

06/30/2019: Average Smarts, Power Law Vision, Confused Animal Diets

06/24/2019: Hormesis, “Fat” Thinking, Musing on Meat

06/16/2019: Every Band Needs a Tambourine, Newton’s 3rd Law For Relationships

06/09/2019: Defang Future Excuses, Unroll Tweetstorms

06/03/2019: Overfitting the Wrong Lessons, Car Lease Math

05/27/2019: Links to Podcasts with Peter Zeihan, Priya Parker, Sam Altman

05/19/2019: Poop, Waste, and Pistachios

05/12/2019: Attention Management, Twitter FTW

05/05/2019: Half Life of Facts, Break Up With The News

04/28/2019: Scooped Midrange, Potato Satiety, TGIF

04/22/2019: Planets of Knowledge, The Office Red Pill

04/14/2019: Sparking Shower Thoughts, Podcast Summary Sites

04/07/2019: Sleep, Healthspan, Supplements, Book Notes

03/31/2019: Money Insecurity, Getting Rich, Book Recs

03/24/2019: Bandwidth = Visual + Interactive Learning

03/17/2019: Fragmentation, College Scandal, Being Organized