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08/18/2019: Dazed & Confused vs Saved By The Bell, HS Advice, “It’s a dry heat”

08/11/2019: Deceiving our Kids, Homeschooling, My “Number Neighbor”

08/05/2019: Negative Energy in Astronomy and Daily Life, On Spain, Mendocino

07/28/2019: A Mindset for Quantum Leaps, David Epstein, The Sunset Strip

07/21/2019: A Surprising Google Search, Loneliness, Twitter Friends

07/14/2019: Talented Consumers, Steal Like an Artist, Summer Links

07/07/2019: Earthquakes, an Evolution Boardgame, Palm Springs Vacation

06/30/2019: Average Smarts, Power Law Vision, Confused Animal Diets

06/24/2019: Hormesis, “Fat” Thinking, Musing on Meat

06/16/2019: Every Band Needs a Tambourine, Newton’s 3rd Law For Relationships

06/09/2019: Defang Future Excuses, Unroll Tweetstorms

06/03/2019: Overfitting the Wrong Lessons, Car Lease Math

05/27/2019: Links to Podcasts with Peter Zeihan, Priya Parker, Sam Altman

05/19/2019: Poop, Waste, and Pistachios

05/12/2019: Attention Management, Twitter FTW

05/05/2019: Half Life of Facts, Break Up With The News

04/28/2019: Scooped Midrange, Potato Satiety, TGIF

04/22/2019: Planets of Knowledge, The Office Red Pill

04/14/2019: Sparking Shower Thoughts, Podcast Summary Sites

04/07/2019: Sleep, Healthspan, Supplements, Book Notes

03/31/2019: Money Insecurity, Getting Rich, Book Recs

03/24/2019: Bandwidth = Visual + Interactive Learning

03/17/2019: Fragmentation, College Scandal, Being Organized