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I was born in the late 70s. I’m still dazed and confused.

So I write things down. All the time. Between the internet and smartphones, maintaining notes has never been more convenient. I have kept journals in various formats (Google Keep, Evernote, Trello, and now Notion) which act like a messy, loud idea triage. It includes notes from all types of content — books, articles, videos, podcasts. I have overcompensated for my dazed state with reams of notes that serve as a first distillation. This site is an overdue next step of refinement.

This is a place to refactor my ever-growing stack of takeaways into a reference from which new information can be integrated. Collecting random facts and throwing them in a junk drawer just creates a mess you’ll need to clean later. You’ll be in an argument one day, reach in for a tweezer, and find a Q-tip instead. You need to organize knowledge in ways which integrate with your models of how the world works, create new models, and finally sunset models which fail to generalize. By constant creation, refinement, destruction you can enjoy a competitive idea evolution game in your mind. When you connect dots between these models you strengthen your pathways of retrieval, allowing you to recruit your mental soldiers quickly and broadly for the analysis task at hand in real-time.

While this site is an open-ended sandbox, much of the content will be about strategies. Strategies for improving your learning, decision-making, and goal-setting. These are broadly going to be labelled as the meta categories of mental or motivation. The third category, money, will consist of posts which deal with all types of investing topics. When you level up in the first 2 meta categories you create a point of leverage which can make you better at evaluating choices, taking action, handling feedback and iterating. Investing is a giant laboratory where you can apply and test your progress across meta skills.

What you can expect:

I’ll share sources of good content, summarize interesting points from what I consume, and integrate into a whole when I can.

So if you’re cool with that, stick around. If not, check ya later.