Bits From DFW

We’ve been up to a lot of fun stuff in Texas. Some of it will make for good discussion when I’m ready but in the meantime, I’ll just mention a few DFW places that we have enjoyed in the past couple of weeks.

  • FC Dallas MLS games

    We went 2x. For less than $40 you get amazing seats. The overall environment is fun and positive. I have never been to an MLS game before and while I know nothing about soccer, I and everyone we went with found the fan experience to be outstanding.
  • Burger’s Lake (Fort Worth area)

    We went here 2x as well (the friends we are staying with have been hosting 2 to 4 families from our NYC/CA crews the entire time we’ve been here, so we repeat activities as the revolving door requires). It’s a lake with high diving boards, water slides, a trapeze swing, and attractions catering to younger kids. Bring your own picnic or use the camping grills to make burgers. You will need to sneak booze in. On weekends they check your cooler, but we got away with it during the week. Your welcome for the tip.
  • The Stockyards (Fort Worth area)

    Also did this 2x. Step back into the history of cattle-ranching. There’s plenty of activities for kids and rows of old saloons and restaurants for the grown-ups. And if you want something less rustic, the newish Hotel Drover is a great spot to grab a ranch water (I make this drink all the time, but didn’t realize Texans have a name for it). It also looks like a fun spot for a weekend getaway with a nice pool and access to the stockyards. Time your visit to see the daily longhorn cattle drive up the main drag. 
  • Deep Ellum (Dallas)

    This is an area of Dallas that reminded me a bit of Wynwood in Miami. Cool restaurants and shops (Jack White’s baseball brand Warstic is headquartered here). Plus lots of locals flexing their muscle cars (my kids are totally obsessed with cars right now especially Challengers with kits such as Demons, Super Bees, and Hellcats. Hellcats come with 2 keys, a black and a red one. The black one is the regular one. The red ones unleash the beastly Hellcat engine. These cars are built for drag racing. If Fast and Furious movies didn’t have cringey sex scenes, I’d take the boys to see F9). If you visit and dig tequila/mezcal you need to go to the Ruins. I tweeted about it. 
  • Bar hopping in Dallas

    Grab a cocktail at the Mitchell, see the decor in the Adolphus Hotel, and end at the Thompson Hotel. There you can see some prettiness and pretty people at Catbird before grabbing dinner at Monarch or sushi at Kessaku. The sushi was outstanding by any coastal city standard but pricey. Sake choices were underwhelming, but the view is a consolation prize. Finally, end the night, at a ridiculously good mezcal bar hidden in a bridal store. In a strip mall. The empanadas and cocktails are lit at this tiny spot started by two bros from Mexico City. It’s called La Viuda Negra. It was better than the movie we saw of the same name last night in IMAX. 

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