Camp ZoMaZaMa

My brother-in-law was exposed to his brother who tested positive for Covid. That meant Yinh’s sis and her kids were at our house all week. In a prelude to the upcoming school year we turned our living room into Camp ZoMaZaMa (an alliteration of Zoe, Maddox, Zak, & Maxen…don’t ask, I’ll just say this wasn’t consciously intentional).

The room is staying that way. School starts this Thursday in our district. This is fine [visualize ‘dog in burning room’ meme].

Interesting postscript to the Covid story. Both my brother-in-law and his brother took mutliple Covid tests each this week. All negative other than the one that launched the quarantine. Everyone they had been in contact with was also negative. So in the end my bro-in-law got a self-quarantined bachelor week, the kids ruined our productivity, and we suspect the rare false-positive test result. But for all the inconvenience, we did get a summer week of unscripted fun before school starts. The kids will remember that forever. Zoe even made a Camp ZoMaZaMa website using to memorialize it.

I should probably buy the domain name.

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