Channeling Motivation

We ebb and flow through different productive energies. Sometimes we know exactly what we need to do. So we go into heads-down mode and grind. If this overlaps with the concept of “flow”, even better. It’s a great place to be. Even though the work might frustrating, the focus keeps you from an existential crisis. There’s plenty of time for that after you get the trophy.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a meta-funk. Maybe we are burnt out or have a personal difficulty that derails our routine. If the issue is acute (ie your health or loved one’s health), I hope there is enough merciful slack in the system to help you get back on track. In the case of burn-out, that slack may just take the form of rest, re-focus, or simply some time to wander.

Each of these states requires its own forms of guidance or remedies. But there is another increasingly visible state I’m seeing (perhaps too well if you catch my drift):

Restless and motivated but directionless.

Moontower is not some niche, actionable industry newsletter, so if you are subbing to a weekly “musing” there’s a good chance you have some “wander” energy in you. Perhaps there are too many appealing possibilities but none of them says “drop everything”. Or perhaps you need to see a menu of actions that can provide a first step.

Here’s a couple reads that might help.

  • Paul Millerd’s Reinvent: Action Challenge Examples (slideshow)

    You know my feeling that introspection is overrated. I’m guilty of living in my head too much, so I’m not throwing stones. In fact, that’s why I criticize it. To get unstuck you must act. Action begets information and that’s what you need. Paul put together an awesome deck of challenges and experiments to channel that motivation and help you get the information you need.

  • The Art and Science of Getting to the Very Top of Crowded Creator Markets (Reddit thread)

    There are no shortcuts but the encouraging takeaway is the recipe is simple not easy. That’s a recipe you are familiar with if you have ever done anything satisfying. It’s also a reminder: there’s nobody stopping you but you. It’s one of those hard truths that excuse-makers like to recruit their intellect against. Your time is too short to waste your brain making those excuses because you have enough time to prove the excuses wrong. I know. It’s a paradox. You’ll get over it. Even if it’s only because you must.

Finally, you should check out my buddy Khe’s 10K Summit. You probably see stuff like this all the time and gloss over it but Khe has the superpower of constantly over-delivering. And it shows in the caliber of people who he attracts (James Clear will be speaking for example).

There’s nobody I plug more because everyone who listens to me that they should check him out comes back and gives me rep. So I’m actually doing a judo selfish move.

Here’s the sign-up link -→ $10k Summit on Oct 6th-8th

Oh, yea one more thing. There’s no charge.

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