Genius Square

We’ve been playing a game called Genius Square.

The concept is simple. 2 people will play, each with their own blank board.

  • Those wooden circles are randomly placed on the board (each player gets the same coordinates on the grid). The dice allow 62,208 combinations of wood placement. Every puzzle is solvable.
  • Then ready, set, go — the first person who can fill the board with the Tetris pieces wins.
Most games last less than a minute. We’ve seen some solved in 10 seconds. It’s a perfect game to play over Zoom and can appeal to almost any age.

(Btw, the reason there are 62,208 possibilities is that you roll 5 6-sided die, 1 die with 4 distinct values, and 1 die with 2 distinct values. 6^5 x 4 x 2 = 62,208…the instructions tell you that number but it seemed weird with 7 dice until I noticed the duplicates on 2 of the dice. The values they use for the dice ensure solvability according to an algorithm that a nerd reader will probably know).

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