Good Friday During Covid

When I was a good Catholic school boy Good Friday was always a solemn day. As I’ve gotten older it’s a more festive day since it’s the only day the markets are closed but isn’t a national holiday. For over 15 years, Yinh and I have used it as a fun day to get out and do stuff together. It has been an especially nice treat in recent years with our kids in school while we get a hall pass. 2020, of course, had other plans. We were home having Groundhog day with the offspring. I’m egocentric just enough to think it’s payback for being a heathen.

In the spirit of not letting a crisis go to waste, we directed our energy towards, ugh, being productive. Instead of gallivanting around Napa or going for a boozy brunch like overpaid 26-year-olds we coordinated homeschool Zoom calls, guided math problems, did our taxes, and evena family workout. At night, John came by with a great bottle of sake. Don’t worry he went straight to the backyard and we all kept our distance. It was, in fact, a “good” Friday.

Random recs:

  • The Peloton app has a free 90-day trial. We don’t have the bike but their upbeat trainers will guide you through different types of workouts from strength to yoga to cardio and more. The app is well-laid out so you can easily filter the live schedule or you can just do old videos. Plenty of 10-minute workouts too.
  • Ozarks season 3 was so good I couldn’t help but watch on a weeknight. Jason Bateman is the director. Talent clusters in unfair ways.
  • Thanks to Vincent, we started watching Succession. From the first episode, we were drawn in. It’s supposed to be a Murdoch-esque tale of corporate intrigue. The characters are quirky in a way that makes for a unique mix of drama and humor. It’s an HBO show but also available on Hulu and Amazon.

By the way, I haven’t watched this much TV since Kirk Cameron was considered a sex symbol. You are either too young to get that reference or I just gave you a collective sense of what a “coyote morning” feels like. You’re welcome either way.

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