Great Grandmother’s Day

We hosted Yinh’s family for a bbq pool party. Yinh’s mother is one of 12. Most of them live in the Bay Area so we had 40+ family members here yesterday. I was the tallest. By a lot. I am also the hairiest.

Yinh’s grandmother (mom’s side) also visited. This woman had 12 live births (no twins). She has been pregnant for much of her adult life. I seriously feel moved just being around her. She embodies peacefulness, a living treasure.

With such an unusually large family, you get some unusual, um, facts I guess. Here’s two:

  • The grand-matron has grandchildren older than her own children
  • Some of the grandchildren were nursed by their mother and their grandmother because they had babies near the same time.

With that, Happy Mother’s, Grandmothers, and Great-Grandmothers Day (I love you mom, thanks for maybe reading this)!

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