Grooving For 11 Years

Friday was smoky so outdoor dining was out of the question. The 2020 improv rolls on. We celebrated 11 years with sake in paper cups and sushi in a parked car.

On our last anniversary, we saw Greta Van Fleet in SF. I thought back to the last show we saw — we flew to NY to see Tool in November. We miss live music and one of the reasons I love live music hit me this weekend. We have a habit of spending too much time in our heads. Live music with its immersive volume and bone-shaking pulse is distilled sensation. It gets us out of our heads and into a physically-centered place in a way that only a groove can.

We made the most of this year recreating with Khruangbin on Friday night. If you think you’d like the sound of international, most specifically Thai, funk mixed with soul, psychedelia and dripping with 60s surf guitar reverb I highly recommend this 1 hour concert we watched.

(We also watched the Dark Side Of Oz…the Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland set to the Dark Side Of The Moon album. The fact that they are in sync was discovered in 1995. Pink Floyd has said it’s just a coincidence. I believe them, although some swear it was intentional, citing that they had already written 2 movie scores by the time DSOTM came out. If you are interested in those I am a bigger fan of Obscured by Clouds. Anyway, there are some benevolent Youtube accounts who have synced the movie and the album for you already. This is the one we watched.)


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