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This week my friend Khe asked me to join him for a Q&A on investing basics as a way to give some extra value to his Rad Reads community. In this letter and my blog, I write a lot about wonky finance stuff. Despite my best efforts to simplify the brain damage, I realize it’s not exactly basic.

This session was basic and I enjoy taking a shot at helping people learn the essentials. The feedback on this session was glowing and kind:

This is such good information because you’re going through all the things that I read, all the little bits and pieces, and you’re saying, “Well, this is not why this works.” This is very logical, and it makes a lot of sense. I really love how you got deeper into what you’re teaching and saying, to explain how things are not what some people are touting them to be. There’s so many examples here.

You can watch the replay:

🎬Investing Fundamentals With Khe and Kris (1 hour)

📝Transcript (Otter.AI)

This was the list of resources I shared for novice investors to learn:


My Favorite Investing Blogs To Learn

Favorite Advanced Blogs


Following Along On A Regular Basis

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