My Lost Xtranormal Video

I was trading nat gas options on the NYMEX in late 2010. Those Xtranormal videos had just gotten popular so I decided to try my hand at making a humorous take of being a market maker. Well, over 10 years have gone by and the original URLs are just dead links. The video was lost forever.

Or so I thought.

On Friday, a mutual on Twitter dm’d me a file in reference to a thread about market-making of course not knowing I was the creator of the video.

This is the closest I’ll ever be to finding buried treasure. It’s a bit esoteric because of trading jargon, but it’s a time capsule for NYMEX folk. It’s also the best work I’ve ever done. I watched it probably 10x since I got it.

I uploaded it to YouTube for the 50 people or so in the world that will appreciate it as much as me. Conveniently, they probably all read this letter.


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