Pink Floyd Meditation Afterparty

I was up until 4am. We celebrated with cousins yesterday. It was the rare warm California night so the kids made the most of it. While not quite Tik-Tok worthy (see vid), it did inspire the post-kids part of the evening. I ended up listening to Dark Side Of The MoonWish You Were Here, and then The Wall. And when The Wall ended I immediately re-listened to it.

I haven’t listened to The Wall end-to-end since HS when the movie was basically on loop in the background at my best bud’s house. So how was it?

Nothing short of self-care.

If you are even a casual classic rock fan you already admire the hits from the album but you’re tossing away so many delicious parts of the animal. I recommend slowing down. Set the table. There’s a lot to savor. I know many of you use the Calm or Headspace apps. Just reminding you that Pink Floyd guided meditation has been around for almost 50 years. Goes well with chocolate.

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