The Egg by Andy Weir

The Egg is a short story by Martian author Andy Weir. It’s a quick read. There’s a collision of metaphysical ideas in it. If you have ever thought of your life as a single draw from a grand simulation you’ll probably like it. (Link)

After you read it feel free to see the visual of my interpretation.

It reminds me of this Thomas Rawls description of an “ovarian lottery”.

“It’s 24 hours before your birth, and a genie appears to you. He tells you that you can set the rules for the world you’re about to enter — economic, social, political — the whole enchilada. Sounds great, right? What’s the catch?

“Before you enter the world, you will pick one ball from a barrel of 6.8 billion (the number of people on the planet). That ball will determine your gender, race, nationality, natural abilities, and health — whether you are born rich or poor, sick or able-bodied, brilliant or below average, American or Zimbabwean.

“This is what I call the ovarian lottery. You’re going to get one ball out of there, and that is the most important thing that’s ever going to happen to you in your life. That’s a good perspective to have when setting the rules for our world.

“We should be designing a society that doesn’t leave behind someone who accidentally got the wrong ball and is not well-wired for this particular system.”

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