Zoom Culture

The household was triple-booked for Zoom meetings at one point this week. 2 of the meetings belonged to the kids. If I still used a calendar app I would title these “meetings” mute-a-mole. But since time is now a flat circle that extends until the next time I tip a barber I think we’ll just drift in and out of virtual rooms like free-roaming ghosts that can only visit the places they have been. A pretty incomplete superpower.

Speaking of superpowers, we watch half an Avengers-related movie every weeknight. It’s for the children we say. The Hulk-Black Widow love affair is so out of place, I feel like I’m watching a first draft fan fiction. It’s stupid to adults and pointless to kids.

Back to Zoom culture for a moment. Things overheard:

  • Moms and women choosing the audio-only option. I mean my hoodies and shorts are trying to walk themselves to the washing machine at this point. I’m thinking there’s not much competition for self-appearance badges.
  • Employees seeing how nice their boss’s house is. If Bernie could have hung on a bit longer he could have rallied a slighted Zoom audience. Corporate calls should probably use a cubicle background. Remind us of the good ole days.
  • An allocator who has lots of calls with asset managers: “Does everyone have a second home?”. This is the March 2020 version of Where Are the Customer’s Yachts?

This weekend we are watching Tiger-King on Netflix. This is straight-up my wheelhouse. It’s so ridiculous I hope 10% of it is real. Joe Exotic isn’t even the best character. ‘Doc’ Antle is what Charlie Manson would have been if Brian Wilson had signed him to a record deal. Doc is scarier than that dude Scarface is based on. I was sad at the thruple wedding. Joe was the only guy having fun. But the cake looked worthy of freezing for a year.

I know 3 NYers that got Covid. They are fine now. One of them runs about 30 miles a week and has a resting HR under 50. He was hospitalized. Stay safe.

Like I said last week, if you just wanna chat, hit me up. I’ll try to fit you in between circle time and those blank moments where I try to remember what was so romantic about homeschool.

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