2020 Moontower Investing Writing Highlights

In addition to the newsletter, I took a stab at writing about money and quant topics. The first post I wrote was my only commentary piece. It was the longest piece I’ve written and I published it in January, the day before the first Covid-related selloff. As the year has played out, the post has actually grown in my mind. And that’s not comforting, because it deals with a risk that seems to materializing.

Almost 1 year old and just as relevant to my thinking:

Sacrifice To The Delta Gods (Link)

Here is a selection of my posts which were popular by category:

Options Theory

Lessons From The 50 Delta Option (Link)

Why Option Traders Focus On Vega (Link)

Finding Vol Convexity (Link)

Straddles, Volatility, and Win Rates (Link)

Portfolio Theory

Why You Don’t Get Paid For Diversifiable Risks (Link)

You Don’t See The Whole Picture: The Sun/Rain Example (Link)

How Much Extra Return Should You Demand For Illiquidity (Link)

Mathematical Intuition

Path: How Compounding Alters Return Distributions (Link)

Do Professional Investors Understand Fees (Link)

Making Property Taxes Apple-To-Apples (Link)

Mock Trading Options With Market Makers (Link)

The Metagame Of Investing

The No-Easy Trades Principle (Link)

Dinosaur Markets (Link)

Investing Is Biology Not Physics (Link)

Measurement Not Prediction (Link)

Lessons From The Layup-Corner 3 Spread (Link)

My Personal Investing Wiki (In Progress)

The Moontower Money Wiki (Link)

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