COVID stream of conciousness

It’s fair to expect a mini baby boom in about nine months from now. Zak is actually a Sandy baby. Born July 13, 2013. Do the math. Although we were already living in SF we had close friends from NJ visiting during Sandy week and they re-scheduled their flights to get back home before the storm hit. Anyway, you are probably reading this. You already knew Zak’s birthday, but not sure if you counted the months backwards before. TMI maybe.

COVID stream of consciousness…

…feels too big.
…Friday I worked from home for the first time. I kept a Google hangouts video chat open with my partners so I don’t get too lonely.
…find ways to support your local businesses. Gift certificates has been a popular idea floating around.
…landlords, making rent is going to be hard for people. some leniency especially in what is bound to be a soft real estate market is not just a way to shoulder some burden but may very well be optimal.
… support your favorite small bands. Buy merch. Nobody makes money selling music. So no performance, no money.
…find a way to cut a deal with people who give lessons.
…check on elderly neighbors.
…homeschooling will be even less stigmatized as resources their upscale war-machine-style
…some people who always wanted to work from willfind the fantasy underwhelming. Perhaps dreadful.
…everyone is stressed but if this just feels like a snow day you have extra bandwidth. Meanwhile, there’s someone close by who is facing crushing pressures, anxiety, or just dire decisions.

Embrace the tech

We are all lucky to have smartphones and video calling. Recent shows I’ve enjoyed have been Cheer on Netflix (Ladarius is extra af) and Ramy on Hulu (very edgy comedy about a 22-yr old Egyptian kid in NJ navigating modernity, Islam, and dating). The Arabic on the show is perfect Egyptian Arabic Ramy’s parents’ accents is humor that you can only appreciate if you have had a shib-shib thrown at you during dinner. Thanks to my cousin Gaby for finding that gem.

Don’t forget to go outside but don’t touch the jungle gym. Maybe order a kettlebell and a jump rope for at-home WODs.

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