A RadReads Testimonial

My friend Khe has been a big inspiration and helping hand. I got to know him by simply reaching out in response to his letters which I’m an enormous fan of. Besides being super smart, prolific, and epically competent he has a big heart. When I didn’t even know him he took the time to respond to my question with a personal vid. There’s no quid pro quo, he just has a big giver mindset as I came to learn. He’s a kindred spirit and I just wanted to recognize that’s he’s been not only influential but directly helpful.

You should definitely subscribe to his letter. He doesn’t need a plug from me. This is for you. (Subscribe Link)

But if something can top the letter it’s truly the community he built. Hundreds of people joined in that spirit of mutual aid and vulnerability. Entrepreneurs, artists, designers, educators, developers, financiers. Outside my private chats with old friends, it’s the coziest place on the web for me. If you email him, he can invite you. For people looking for a spark, my number one rec is to join the RadReads Slack group.

I’m pretty active in there so you’ll find a familiar handle. But everyone in there is insanely friendly. Lurk around, you’ll understand.

There’s a new #remote-work channel in there for folks looking for a virtual watercooler with video chats. Lots of experiments in our new world.

Finally, he did a brief but terrific letter this week on dealing with COVID distancing. (Link)

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