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A college buddy texted me:

The link referenced is totally 🤯. My friend just scratched the surface of what’s possible!


  • How to Use ChatGPT on Google Sheets With GPT for Sheets and Docs

    What Can You Do With GPT-Powered Google Sheets?

    Step-by-step walkthrus in the article on how to do the following GPT functions en masse in a spreadsheet:

    1. Generate Text

    2. Translate Text

    3. Summarize text

    =GPT_SUMMARIZE(C44) will summarize the content of cell C44 into the active cell.

    4. Extract data


OpenAi released GPT-4 this week. Here are some buzzworthy examples:

This thread includes a similar example as well as prompts asking GPT-4 to create videogames, a link about Khan Academy building on the tech to create an assistant for teachers, and more.

I’m far too stupid to pontificate on what any of this means. Every day substacks, articles, papers, interviews, and videos comment on AI, alignment, the meaning of creativity, and the future of jobs from writing to coding. I just see a useful tool to use until the day I’m deleted from the simulation in favor of a paperclip.

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